March 31, 2014

Spring 2014

Let's hope Spring is finally here for good along with healthy, happy horses.  So far, we are weathering the EHV1 outbreak and hope everyone stays home for a few weeks so it will pass.  We are in a self-imposed quarantine period, based on the recommendation of our veterinarians. At this point, we are on quarantine until April 9, pending no new cases.  This means no horses coming and going, limited farrier and veterinarian visits and no hauling horses in for lessons.  If you've been at another barn, please change clothes, use the foot bath and hand sanitizer before coming into the barn.

We've rescheduled our Dressage Day Clinic with Janna Kysilko to May 18, 2014 because of the outbreak.

We're looking forward to a fun summer and show season and a number of projects at the barn!